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Another Room Book Arts

An eclectic collection of innovative and traditional artists' books, fine press books & ephemera.

Another Room Book Arts sells artists' books and fine press books mostly by artists from the United States and from Europe (a few are from South America and Canada). The books range from the traditional to the more conceptual and have an assortment of prices from a few dollars on up. Another Room sells privately, at book fairs, and through select Bay Area locations. Please contact us for more information.


Another Room Book Arts Blog

Archive for May, 2015

Marie Dern (Jungle Garden Press) & Tom Ingalls (Missing Links Press): Making the Conventional Unconventional, a conversation about book design, book production, and art. Sale of books to follow presentation. Sat., 1:30 pm, May 16, Mrs. Dalloway’s Bookstore, Berkeley

Marie Dern of Jungle Garden Press & Tom Ingalls of Missing Links Press: Making the Conventional Unconventional

From their unique perspectives in publishing, Tom and Marie will discuss how to maintain originality while working within the defined constructs of book design. How do you make beautiful books that tell both the designer and writer’s story? How do you choose the basic elements of a book: paper and type? How does the subject of a book influence the binding? Does illustration expand the understanding of a text, or not? Can you tell a book by its cover?

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